3D Full Print Kobe Bryant Sweatshirt| Legend Long Sleeve Shirt|Lakers 24 Shirts

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Awesome 3D Legendary Kobe Bryant Sweatshirt| Legend Long Sleeve Shirt|Lakers 24 Shirts are custom design and Full print for Kobe Bryant fans. May this Fabulous custom 3D full print Kobe Bryant black mamba sweatshirt help you remember the legend forever! And get Black Mamba Mentality inspiration daily.

Hot trendy, High quality, and comfortable. Best 3D full print sweatshirt kobe bryant Not sold in NBA Lakers shop. Perfect Kobe gear Just For You as a Kobe Bryant gift to remember and celebrate the legend's life forever!

Free shipping: Our Free shipping comes with a USPS tracking number. Shipping takes between two and four weeks.
DHL eCom Express Shipping:  N/A ( 5 - 9 days )
DHL Express Shipping: N/A ( Shipping takes 3 to 7 days)

Production Time:  5 - 7 business days


Gender: Men & Women
Style: Hip Hop
Collar: O-Neck
Sleeve Length(cm): Full
Hooded: Yes
Material: Polyester & Cotton
Suitable Season: Spring Autumn
Our Size: XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL 7XL
Thickness: STANDARD
Print: 3D Full printing
Thickness: STANDARD

This custom mens womens Kobe Bryant sweatshirt sizes run from XS our size to 7 XL our size, and you can get them NOW with 50% Off; but limited time offer!

Click the red "Buy It Now" button! Limited Quantity - Will sell out fast!


NOTE: This product is custom made and printed on demand; and all sales are final. Please measure your body from the shoulder to the waist and refer to size chart before ordering.

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Final Thought:

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the 3D Full Print Kobe Bryant Sweatshirt| Legend Long Sleeve Shirt|Lakers 24 Shirts. That is perfect! You are the creator of your reality.

So, add an Eagles iPhone Xs case / Eagles Galaxy note 10 phone case to the cart with it. That would make you happier and look better. If you are a Philadelphia Eagles fan!

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 05, 2020
By Eagles|Patriots|Steelers Gear


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