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Christmas SALE Hot Deals:

I. FREE Upgraded to Fast Shipping Method

1. All Sports fans sneakersLeggingsCar Seat Coverswatchesmen's pants, men's leather wallet, women's slip on, and women's bra  are FREE DHL eCommerce Shipping (Delivery time 5 - 9 days).
2. Sports fans high top shoes are FREE Shipped from USA through USPS w/ tracking #. 
 Eagles & Steelers Ma-1 Bomber Jackets are Free SF Express Shipping ( Delivery time: 5-17 days); Hooded Fleece Thicken Jackets are shipped from USA via USPS to Nationwide w/ tracking #.
4. Hooded Blankets 
& Bedding Sets are Free DHL Express shipping.

II. Discount Coupon Code

1.  Nutri Stahl Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware Set 22 pcs

      50% off + $550 OFF + No Tax  (Coupon Code: cookware550OFF )

2. BUY1GET1 50% + 30% OFF: ( Coupon:  BUY1GET1-30%OFF )

     Buy 1 Sneakers, or 1 Jacket, or 1 car seat covers, or 1 Leggings, or 1 Watch, or 1  men's pants or Eagles jewelry and Get 1 50% + 30% Off from all sports fans gear, all dog lovers gear, boots, owl lover gear, 2018 shoes etc.

3. 50% + 10% Off: ( Coupon: PREXMAS10%OFF )

     For All sports fans gear, all dog lover's gear, boots, Christmas gifts, Hooded Blanket, Father's Day Gifts, Owl lover's gear, 2018 shoes, etc.

4. 50% + 15% Off: ( coupon: PREXMAS15%OFF )

     For All Eagles & Steelers Ma-1 Bomber Jackets & Hooded Fleece Thicken Jackets; Eagles Men's Pants/ Wallet; Eagles Leggings; Eagles Women's Slip on; Eagle Watches, Golden State Warriors Watches; Eagles & Steeles Beach Blanket.

5. Bedding sets 20% OFF 

(Coupon code: BEDDINGSET20%OFFNOW) w/ Free DHL Express Shipping!


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